Service dogs for veterans at no cost.
Rescued shelter dogs.
Trained by prisoners.

Over 20 veterans commit suicide every day.
One is too many.

What We Do


Veterans with PTSD who have service dogs experience lower levels of depression and lower overall symptoms of PTSD. Studies confirm this, but at K9s For Camo we see the results every day, as we watch K9s empower many of our veterans to re-enter the world with renewed confidence and security.


Over 1.5 million healthy shelter animals are put to death each year in the United States. We not only save dogs’ lives, some within days of being euthanized, we give them purpose and a new path in life. They, in turn, inspire, teach and empower those they touch along their K9s For Camo journey.


Our K9s are trained by offenders at the Ozark Correctional Center and Jefferson City Correctional Center. Inmates in dog training programs have lower depression and aggression rates, as well as lower recidivism rates. They also gain marketable experience and life skills that enable them to choose better paths as they re-enter society.

How We Do It

At K9s For Camo we established a standardized system to ensure that both dogs and veterans are trained to work together as effective teams:

  • All of our trainers are trained in canine behavioral training methodology.
  • The K9 recruits earn their American Kennel Club obedience certifications and meet the K9s For Camo standards for task performance before being matched with their veterans.
  • Once matched, K9s and veterans are trained as a team.
  • K9s For Camo provides ongoing guidance and training throughout the service of the K9s For Camo service dog.

Make a BIG Impact


Help us help veterans, rescue dogs, change inmates’ lives! We could use your help with fundraising, corporate sponsorship, social media, blogs, social events and dog transportation.


From adopting dogs, vet bills, providing food, crates and training tools, to the countless hours of training, your donations make it happen.

K9s For Camo

Inspiring confidence. Enabling independence.

Empowering veterans to explore new paths in life.

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