K9s For Camo

Serving Those Who Served Us

Assisting our Veterans and providing a new mission for the dogs we rescue from shelters


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Getting Involved

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Volunteer Time

We could use your help with fundraising, corporate sponsorship, social media, blogs, social events, and dog transportation. All help is greatly appreciated.

MakING a Donation

From adopting dogs, vet bills, providing food and a new home, crates and training tools, to the countless hours in training. Your donations help make it happen.

What we do

Our Mission

Dog Rescue

All dogs picked out by K9s For Camo are rescue dogs, most of which were on a euthanasia list. Our founder and his team pick our very specific energy and temperaments

Veteran Assistance

A recent study by Purdue University found that veteran’s with service dogs showed significantly lower levels of depression, PTSD and social isolation as well as higher levels of psychological well-being (O’Haire/Rodriguez 2018) – K9s For Camo’s experience has reflected these findings.

Inmate Rehabilitation

Our team at Ozarks Correctional Facility are trained by our founder on how to train service dogs properly. This gives them a great sense of purpose while working with our K9s and new life skills when they transition to civilian life

"My anxiety attacks went from 4 to 5 a day to 4 a week."


– K9s For Camo Veteran

"Because of liberty my life felt like it was not impossible."


– K9s For Camo Veteran

Get Involved

Become apart of a program that adopts rescue dogs, helps build a future for inmates, and task trains service dogs to veterans, at no cost to the veteran!

Upcoming Events

July 25 - Buffalo Wild WIngs

5pm- 8pm Come join us at Buffalo Wild Wings! BWW is giving us 30% of all food and drink orders from customers that are with K9s For Camo!

August 25-Ozark shooters

Starts at 9am We are hosting a fundraiser at Ozark Shooters! If you are good at taking out clays then be sure to sign up. Find out more on our Facebook page!

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